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What's having the following worth to you?

  • Two yearly system clean & checks-by Johnson’s Heating and Air providing
    your unit with a little TLC

  • Your heating and air conditioning unit's always finely tuned and running at
    peak efficiency

  • Virtually eliminating the need for any costly repairs... ever,

  • But in the off-chance of a repair, getting priority 24-hour service and
    saving 10% off equipment and accessories and 10% off parts and labor,

  • Never paying any emergency service charges,

  • Lower monthly operating costs,

  • Increased equipment life,

If you're ready to maintain your comfort level during the Spring, Summer, Fall
and Winter call Johnson’s Heating and Air, LLC.

Just like your car or your lawn there's nothing better for your heating and air
conditioning systems than an annual maintenance schedule. Annual
maintenance allows your system to work at peak efficiency year-in and year-out.
A system that is maintained annually experiences considerably fewer

Fewer breakdowns reduce or eliminate the need for you to pay for costly
repairs. You'll enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that your system is saving you
money on your utility bills every time it comes on. In some instances, the energy
savings are enough to pay the cost of the planned annual maintenance service.
Check and Service
Maintenance Agreement