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Johnson’s Heating and Air, LLC was established in March 2008, by Jimmy Johnson, a
licensed mechanical contractor.  He is the president and sole proprietor of the company.  
Mr. Johnson operates the company form its base in Sumter, South Carolina.

Jimmy was born and raised in South Carolina.  He graduated from Sumter High School and
Sumter Area Technical College (which is now Central Carolina College) where he
completed a two year certification program for Heating and Air (HVAC systems).

Jimmy’s career in installing and repairing HVAC systems began before completing his
studies at Sumter Area Technical College.  He was hired by Mr. Broadway at Broadway
Brunson and Gates Heating and Air in 1982.  Jimmy worked at Broadway Brunson and
Gates gaining valuable experience installing and servicing commercial and residential
HVAC systems and appliances.  He worked at Broadway Brunson and Gates for sixteen
(16) years until the company was sold in 1998.

In  1998, Jimmy entered into a partnership and the company, PB&J was formed.  As a
partner of PB&J, he held the title of Secretary of the company and was responsible for
maintaining and supervising the service area of PB&J.  Jimmy spent many hours
providing services to the citizens of  Sumter and surrounding areas.

In 2008, Johnson’s Heating and Air, LLC was established after Jimmy and his partners of
ten (10) years made a mutual decision to dissolve the partnership and the company.

Armed with over 25 years of experience in servicing and installing commercial and
residential systems, Johnson’s Heating and Air, LLC staff is looking forward to providing  
HVAC and gas  needs throughout  South Carolina .
Johnson's Heating and Air, LLC